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Worlds Collide - text


I can´t explain this messed up way Of saying
\"I´m okay\"
Can you explain just what it takes
To make you feel that way?
Maybe you´re right
And I´m always wrong
I guess we knew it all along
I´m not gonna waste my energy
I´ll keep my thoughts for me

Too bad we cannot hide
When worlds collide
Tell me something new
There´s nothing we can do
Too bad we got so far
Got nowhere at all
We´re nothing new
And there´s nothing we can do

I´m not gonna have an argument
About having an argument
When will you ever understand
That I comprehend?
Don´t wanna talk so please don´t listen
To words that you´re not missing
To somebody as confused as me

Too bad we got so far
Back against the wall
We´re nothing new
And there´s nothing we can do

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