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No Means No - text


You can´t be everyone to everybody
We don´t expect you to be somebody else
But there´s someone who killed the conversation
And the blood is dripping from your hands
It´s not so hard to find a new beginning
To break the silence with a concrete word
Even a so-called loser might be winning
Get up and make yourself heard, so come on
No answer is no answer
A revolution needs a sound
No answer is no answer
Shout it out
Get knocked down and stand up
You need a voice to stay alive
No answer is no answer
The time is now
Don´t you know everybody´s trigger-happy?
Your insecurity´s a gun in their hand
Do you wanna be the perfect target
Or would rather be a new friend?
It could be you
You might need somebody
It could be you
Who proves everybody wrong
It could be you
You might find that something
It could be you
Who sings this song
You´ve got that voice
So make your choice
You´ve got that voice
No means No

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