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My Stereo´s A Liar - text


My stereo´s a liar
those mix-tapes are cheap alibis
but sometimes I believe that \"everything is gonna be alright\"
my stereo´s a monster
cause it almost killed me last night
it crept upon me slowly
when singing those sweet lullabies

take me away
blow me away
take me away
come and make my day, yeah
(my stereo´s a liar)

my stereo´s a liar
those mix-tape songs are blatant lies
I´ll never quite believe that \"everything is gonna be just fine\"
my stereo´s a killer
a love song stabbed me from behind
I´ll die again tomorrow with another song running through my mind


go go
that´s alright with me
go go
that´s alright with me-baby
it´s true I love my stereo it gets me high when I feel low I am in love with my stereo it saves my life with a 1-2-3-go!

(so amplify the good times)

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