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Good-bye Routine - text


This heart is barely beating
the air is getting thin
do you know what i mean?
a change is due - for something new

this portrait of a fracture
this x-ray of a big mistake, that´s me and you
and you know it, too

good-bye routine
it´s time to leave

i guess i miss a stranger
a friend i´ve never had
someone i´ve never met
it´s odd but true - well, how about you?

throw out the road maps
let´s go home to a place we´ve never been before
there´s gotta be much, much, much more

good-bye routine
pack your bags, let´s leave
good-bye routine
burn the props, rewrite the scene

(whoo-hooo, yeah)
just can´t fight the feeling
we´re choking on the air that we´re breathing
and my mind is reeling
forget about the mess that we´re leaving
good-bye routine
change the lives we´re leading

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