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I know i have found a perfect way to aggravate you without a word
i would cast a glance at you and then i'd wait until it hurts
you gotta listen to the silence, read between the lines that you can't find
cause it doesn't take a single word to tell you what is on my mind

so how much did you understand of everything i didn't say?
get going- you work it out
get going- the time is rouning out
get going- go surt it out
no need to talk about it (now!)

i can feel the tension when i look at you like a loaded gun
so you can call me trigger-happy? don't you know the show has just begun?
i'll stare you down, i'll steal your crown without a sound
tell me, are you ready for a knock-out in the final round?

so how much did you understand of everything i didn't say?
there's truth in what you heaven't heard
and hush is a four-letter word
so here i sit and watch you burn
and stare until your stomach churns
you can't run and you can't hide
i'm gonna strike you with my eyes

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