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Gentleway - text


Cheap talk, i´ve senn through you
your faked interests ive senn e´m too
silly conversations, superficial matters
puzzled thoughts where´s the pattern
your subjects are far too casual
and to touch my core they´re too ususal
pretending to be my friend
but if my life was at stake, you wouldn´t
be at hand...
´cause you just use me to get the better seat
and you don´t pay no mind anything that i bleed
and now you want me to believe in the lies you tel
but believe me, boy, i know your game so very well
it´s just the gentle way of saying fuck you
through all the time i´ve throught
that friendship wasn´t only a word
but your cheap tricks they´re proved me wrong
and i didn´t need your comments now,
so please hold your tongue
and don´t come crawling to me to talk about
\"good weather\" when the clouds are hanging
deeper than ever . i´ve heard it all before
and how i´m through with you
so stop acting as if you were true blue

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