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Elbow And A Smile - text


So you think everybody´s an open door
and you´re convinced you have to give much more
to your mind their demeanour indicates concern
well, you´ll be sunrised how much there is to learn
we´re a minority
we´re are too kind to survive
egoism is essential
an eternal smile can´t save your Life
don´t believe the´re out to help you
we´re on our own, this world is on so cold
don´t believe the´re out to help you
they want to cast us into their mould
but as long as there are people like you and me
there is colour to paint the world
let´s keep the positivity
and get ready to get hurt
with an elbow and a smile
in the land of elbows
(dedicated to Axel P.
yesterday i woke up to reality
at first i didn´t realize that
not everything was about sunshine
flowers, kids playing in a park
and birds singing top 40 hits
but then i stood
back and found out that
reality is an asshole
boy, that can mess up the
afternoon,i tell ya )

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