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Monday morning chokehold
faces i don´t want to see
a cup of coffee and my sarcasm
protection from another deadly week
kill five days without getting killed
eight o´clock revelation
evereything´s better than this
i don´t know if i should fake a smile
all i know is
this life doesn´t suit me
i think i´m about to crack
this mask doesn´t fit me
i know i´m gonna end up aw reck
i´m a cranky person
in the morning
monday morning assassin
everything´s justified
to kill a thousand words without meaning
i´ve got to escape cause...
ask me to light a candle for every idiot around
and i swear i´m gonna burn the whole town to the ground
a bullet for everybody and another one for my head

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Better Days Not Included

Donots texty

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