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Last Night I Saw Santa Claus - text


I hope everybody's havin' a merry christmas, I know I am, hey!
I feel good, I feel alright, hey!

Last night I couldn't believe my eyes, y'all
I saw a big fat man in a red disguise, y'all
He had a fuzzy white beard and big black boots
He had a pack on his back and red caboose, now... check this out
I tried to sleep, but my eyes wouldn't shut
You wouldn't believe it Mama, guess what!


Last night I saw Santa Claus
Sneakin' out of my back door
Last night I saw Santa Claus
What's he got in his great big bag for me?
What's he got for me?

He had crazy long hair and a red guitar, y'all
I never knew Santa Claus was a rock and roll star, now
Look-a-here... hey!
I asked my Mama could I join his band
She just screamed and yelled... she don't understand

[Chorus ]
I wonder what he's got for me

Hey Jon, what's Santa doin'? He's pullin' somethin' out of his bag... what is it?
Uh, it looks like... a saxophone!
Hey Santa!

I tried to sleep, but my eyes wouldn't shut
I told all my friends... guess what!

[Chorus ]
I wonder what he's got for me

Blow, Santa!
Can't even sleep at night
Talkin' 'bout Santa Claus
Hey, ooh!
Play it one more time
Sounds so good
Hey fellas, let's jam!

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