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And all I know that when I'm twisted
One and two can mean the same thing
And if this stone has ever lifted
Then God knows I would have gone the distance
And by the hands I would have taken you
But due to circumstances
Get this image but I can't exist
Without knowing what this is

Can you find the words to say
That I hate you is not an easy thing to say
Can you admit that each mistake you ever made
Is just another twist of fate

I'm never told that my difference
Will pay off in every instance
And with all this double meaning
I have doubt in my resistance
Only fame, attempts at change
Seem apart of our existence
Tell me how I'm supposed to keep you
With all I've witnessed

Repeat Chorus x2


What have I heard
That's got me reaching
For every turn there's a turning point
From this eternal battle
And all of this hassle
What have I learned

Repeat Chorus x2

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