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I Was Always Young - text


I was always young, the picture means so much now
Photos of those friends that we knew, who said they'd keep in touch
But they never called us much.

I'm doing very well while my looks have gone to hell
But what's really strange is how little you have changed.

I've grown old missing you, grown old stuck in the past
The future must have stopped somewhere, maybe it was never there
But I've grown old at last.

You were always young, your picture stays so faithful
I never saw those friends that we knew who called out of the blue,
They asked how they could reach you.
They said they ‘re doing well while our friendship went to hell,
But I couldn't bear to say that I missed you every day.

Your picture never speaks. It never gets much clearer
When magnified it never brings you nearer.
Through all those empty years, watermarked with tears
It's held up very well while my life has gone to hell,
But what's really strange is how little I have changed.

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