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Botanical Gardens - text


I leave the noise and the dark city canyons
And walk through gates of wrought iron black
There lies a world that's transformed before me
When I arrive will I ever go back

I take a walk in botanical gardens
And look for the faces of the pretty young girls
Just like the flowers that bloom all around me
I fall in love in this colorful world

You might go walking and thinking of nothing
Perhaps your love life is caught in a bind
There in a flowery dress in the sunlight
You'll find somebody who will change your mind

She's haunting me and she losing my memory
That beautiful face with perfume in the air
She brushes my arm and smiles ever faintly
A famine and vision with the sun in her hair

We might go walking hand in hand in the garden
And cross the bridge when it's starting to rain
And then go laughing and looking for shelter
And find a feeling that you can't explain

The colorful birds in botanical gardens
All fly away to a breezy lagoon
Where lovers can swim in the warm summer waters
Surrounded by flowers and the light of the moon

It's getting late and the gates will be closing
Shall I remain or go back to the world
Shall I remain in botanical gardens
Surrounded by flowers and those beautiful girls

Shall I remain in botanical garden
Surrounded by flowers and those beautiful girls
I love those flowers and those beautiful girls
I dig those flowers and those beautiful girls

Text přidala Richenza

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