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Doin It Well (ft Elijah Blake) - text

Takin' the time on it
Puttin' it down on it
Spin it around on it, for me

Hey, luv, can I holler at ya for a second?
No you tired being disrespected?
No you tired being disconnected?
Uninvested? Yea, the sex is cool but the intellect is missing
Let me get up in yo mentals, see where yo head at
See where you're headed in life, not where your ? ass
So luv to throw that kit-kat, but give that kit-kat a break
Sayin' chit-chat, you know, this-that
We'll get back to that, don't move too fast
Harder to hold a combo than to get some easy ass
That's the easy A, but you gon' see the D
Here we go, get to the F'in', but that's eventually
I gotta keep the G, I'm tryna take you higher
I'm tryna make you think for ? The Inspirer
And I know just what you need
So baby won't you come and roll with me?

I just wanna take you, touch, but you doin' it well
Yea, you doin' it well, tell me it's mine
Why you doin' it well, you doin' it
Doin' it well, take yo time
You doin' it well, you doin' it
Tell me it's mine, why you doin' it well, you doin' it

Aye, luv, tell hommie not to wait up
Straight up, I'mma show you what a man is made up
Self sufficient, independent, bills all payed up
Gimme yo math, can count on me, I'm like a calculator
I want you, we ain't trippin' if you got it baby
I got you, take you round the world and flock you
If you wid it, pack yo shit, we can dip like Fondue
Off the records, you a big deal, who are you snut to?
Ain't runnin' no game, I keep it 100
In love wit yo brain, irresistible woman
You're invisible woman, nah, they ain't seein' you
You are visionly stunnin', mentally too
Haters Winnie the Poo, just gotta bear wid it

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