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"Not every man is lucky enough
To know what he was born to be"

I think I understand now
It was no accident
The purpose of this action
Is a world changing event

The ultimate solution
To the hopeless state we're in
Can only be destruction
Of the incarnates of sin

The histories have proven
No real progress was made
Ten thousand years of struggle
And no man's soul was saved

I will accept my calling
I shall embrace my fate
To bring the Armageddon
to both the small and great

The passages in bibles
And Nostradamus states
That only through destruction
Can we pass through
Heaven's gates

With one great euthanasia
This virus known as man
Will disappear forever
And purify the land

I will accept my calling
I shall embrace my fate
I will accept my calling

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O3 A Trilogy - Part 2

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