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A long shot heard 'round the world
Got everyone's attention
On every front page and every TV
A call for the redemption

Never could a handful of good
Defeat the fist of evil
The powerful few whose weapons are new
Still fight a war medieval

"Ask yourself is this the life
You want for your own children
Acknowledge this and brick by brick
A new world we'll be building"

With arms laid down
Would come a new hope
With tolerance
Would come a new hope
With faith and trust
Would come a new hope
So try we must
To find a new hope

The winds of change can only blow
With willingness and faith
If seven wonders exist in the world
This truly would be the eighth

"Leaders from every country
Will be meeting today
To decide how to handle
This global terror threat"

Hush my baby
Don't cry my baby
Your mommy's here

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O3 A Trilogy - Part 2

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