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Whooooee my dogs - did you see that? Yeah!
pushing that stroller in that skirt with those shoes?
Mmm gawd damn!

I see it - don't believe it
I feel it
jealousy creeping
I know you're taken
someone's loved one
and that's a tough one
I seen you out with your child
the thought is driving me wild
can't believe that body had a baby
daydreams making me crazy

tease me, please me
I want you to need me
you can beat me, treat me
I want you to freak me
I'm living for the hope,
it's crazy I know
that it's dirty and I'm filth
but I'm looking for a MILF

mother I'd like to fuck-
MILF MILF MILF (that's right)
mother I'd like to fuck-
MILF MILF MILF (I said it)
mother I'd like to fuck-
a mother

back up - I feel ashamed
you don't know my name
would you play the game?
I would never wreck a happy home
do you feel alone?
are you in the zone?
the only one that I need
my homies don't believe me
society says it ain't right
but I wanna do you all night

It's a dirty job, but someones got to do her

I see you at the supermarket and the shopping mall
I saw you on the internet where you show it all
I know you're just a fantasy cause you're someone's mom
how something that feels so right could be so wrong?

I saw your mommy and your mommy's hot
I saw your mommy and your mom's a MILF

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