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Ya'll Don't Really Know - text


Ya'll don't really know
They don't really know (yeah!)
Ya'll don't really know
They don't really know (yeah!)
Ya'll don't really know
They don't really know (yeah!)
Ya'll don't really know
They don't really know
[Verse 1: DMX]
(Check it)
Skies the limit so I'm reaching for the stars
I'm tired of being the nigga that they keep behind bars
What's good, you got it, I'mma take yours
I'm hood Fuck a gun, I break jaws
Understood disturbing the bang for the cause
And I should cause you frontin' bang with the fours
Rats playing in the walls
Cats playing in the halls
But niggas know after certain hours stay in doors
Cause I'm not responsible for what I might do
Or what might happen if dog
Come through
It's gonna be a problem
Cause man if I catch em
I'mma rob
"Please, somebody stop him!"
Well for that, it's too late
I got to eat, you ate
You straight and I ain't gonna take it all today
You can say what you want but Ya'll know the truth
X is a beast in the streets and the booth ( NIGGA!)


[Verse 2: Busta rhymes]
See know it all rinki dink, Mr softy rapper, I'm here to kill IT!
I reinstate
The boom POW! I make you niggas feel IT!
And most these niggas fear it
Pop it off and blam it
And how we smash it out like you watching animal
Now let us unload the bricks off
Niggas is pissed off
The stage too crowded to throw the bitch off
I'm about to turn the switch off
To the goons at hand, pick em
And then (OOOHHH) stick em (HAHAHA)
Stick em (WOOAH)
You better chuck in your shine
And prime grime
And niggas is back
We kill em in black
Now feel us one time
See how we got em following suit, forming one line
Until we force these niggas to scatter soon as I BUST MINE!
Bust Rhymes, constantly fulfilling em with heat
Like an ??? in the street
See how we killing em
Peep at how we drill em in the head with a ???


[Verse 3: DMX]
Beasts on the track like Wolverine
I'm a pit bull but get wolves on them Team
It ain't what it seems
Don't get it twisted
Ima let you know just
In case ya'll missed it
Got me fucked up, if you thought that I fell off
Now niggas want to ride dick get the hell off
Come on Chulo
We both know you culo
I know, you know that your the one who knows
Beef it for real
Nigga I sleep with the steal
I keep my shit real
I keep shit still
Ain't nothing change but the date and the year
Niggas make threats yet they wait for a year (Come ON!)


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