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Intro (Year of the Dog...Again) - text

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Ruff Ryders! You know!
(Here we go again, baby)
Here we go again, fucking right
Dark Man X baby, dog for life
[Hook: Swizz Beats & DMX](5x)
When I say D-M, y'all say X
D-M (X!), D-M (X!)
[Verse 1: DMX]
I don't fuck with what you sayin', 'cause your rap speaks
I'll take the back streets and y'all can run a track meet
The full length of my rap sheets, see that be
The flow that's crushin' them on the L
Jumpin' on they fuckin' shit, bustin' them until they swell
Then tell ya mother next time she see her son is never
And I'd be on your dick if my name was "No Pussy Ever"
Like the Hulk but they can't fix me
Doom-doom-doom-doom-doom, slide like Bill Bixby
This shit be having niggas in the emergency
Undergoing surgery wanting to murder me
When you go, you know you heard of me
And your last thought is what you did
Wasn't worth your life, that's what your ass bought
Caught up in some shit and I had to let you feel the steel
They found his faggot ass slumped over the steering wheel
You still feeling real, nah you looking tired
Go on and sleep baby, 'cause your shit has just expired
[Hook: Swizz Beats and DMX](2x)

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Year of the Dog... Again

DMX texty

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