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Give 'Em What They Wnat - text

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Give 'em what they want [c'mon]
Give 'em what they want [c'mon]
Give 'em what they want
They all can't get it
Give 'em what they want [c'mon]
Give 'em what they want [c'mon]
[give it to 'em!!]
[verse #1]
Cats slide to the hood, but I walk through it
Holdin' my fuckin' dick and that's all to it
This ain't no new shit, told you when I met cha
Show some fuckin' respect, knock before ya enter
Bet cha, if its me that's comin' to get cha
Its gonna be a back down on that stretcher
For real, ya'll niggas don't know pain
Cause ya'll niggas don't know me
And well that's my name
Ain't a fuckin' thing changed still the same
Y'all got dope but rob niggas
So be mob niggas Y.O be hard niggas
School street I rep that , beat and scar niggas
Respect that and step back
Come at me sideways and get laid down where you stand
[gun load]**bla-dow!** with the cannons
So stop all the dirty fuckin' looks
Cause y'all niggas ain't fuckin' crooks fuck around and get took
I make moves, I break rules
Pistol whip Niggas if they got fake jewels
I take tools [get money with 'em]
I make rules [get bloody in 'em]
Fuckin' with that nigga Earl Simmons
Will have you in the middle a The ocean...swimming
Up to creek with no paddle, y'all niggas fuck
Right when u should of bucked, y'all niggas ducked
Stuck 'em down that's your muther fuckin' luck [what!?]
Clown! what now!? keep fuckin' playin'
I'm gonna keep a nigga 6 feet deep layin'
Shit keeps sprayin' what y'all sayin?
Don't want nothing'...[c'mon]
Y'all niggas known for frontin'
Stop.. black! we don't take the kindly to them acts
Please don't remind me a That

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