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My niggas...
[Hook: Big Stan]
This is for my dog, this is for my dog
This is for my dog, this is for my dog
This is for my dog, this is for my dog
This is for my dog... my niggas
[Verse 1: Kasino]
My dogs the beginning of this bloodline of mine
That spark this in a nigga's heart and cause him to shine
Before the rhyme lessons that I keep in my mind, I owe you
And I give my right hand to show you
Whether its fist or guns whatever it go to
Its me they go through if ever they want to
I'd light the flame, dead game and trying to scratch
K-A-S I know where my dogs is at
[Verse 2: Big Stan]
And I'm gonna be the one behind just to keep you on your toes
I be your extra eyes and hold you down around your foes
I be your extra gun, if you need me let me know
For my dogs I be the first to cock it back and let it go
They do it for the dough me I do it for the love
You're my nigga to the death so I treat you like my blood
If push comes to shove and they try to send you back to the streets
I give my last to put you back on your feet, feel me
[Hook x2]
This is for my dog, this is for my dog
This is for my dog, this is for my dog
This is for my dog, this is for my dog
This is for my dog... my niggas
[Verse 3: Drag-On]
You my dog nigga I die for
Shit bust a five for see the judge and lie for
You the type of nigga I throw weight up on the block for
Just go ahead and lock jaws, and your half? I got yours
Send in the dog I smell it all night
I told niggas to shut up and write X barks with a hell of a bite
For the love, they always will be till they kill me
I put my thugs on it and slide 'til I die on it
[Verse 4: Loose Cannon]
And to my mothafuckin' dogs big ups to your first share
Niggas know the deal just waitin for them plaques to get shipped
Do your thing, nigga, you know we got your back
Cause real dogs always return with food for the pack
Why these wack niggas swinging when they gonna miss
Take it from me he was nice before all this
Yo, X, rain on em cause after that comes the blood
Ruff Ryders feed all they dogs wit raw blood
[Hook x2]
[Verse 5: DMX]
My people show love (what!) and haven't left me stranded yet
Though I have a death wish it ain't been granted yet
So until then I'm gonna be that nigga all up in your chest (come on)
Until the lord decides to lay my ass down to rest
Bless my body at the funeral and hope I don't burn
Was a hard headed nigga and nope I don't learn
Saw the truth but chose to ignore it wasn't going for it
My nigga had to give it to me (AHH!) then I saw it
This is clear as day I know here's the day
I'm gonna be on my way nothing more to say
But take me lord make me lord what you will
Really wanted to chill but learned how to kill
Been downhill from then on cause I been on
Some shit hit on every move to get ten on
The next sac but you know that's how X act
That's why these street niggas is waiting for the next track

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It's Dark and Hell is Hot DMX

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