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Huh, This go out to my dog Kato, rest in piece baby
Dogs that I call my friends
Praying for all my friends
Things I do for my friends
We miss you! A'YO KATO!
[Verse One: DMX]
Started off two dogs with the same goal (uh!)
Nothing but two dogs walkin' the same road (uh!)
Two different cultures, but had the same heart (yeah)
Enjoyed seeing the light, but lived in the dark
5th album, bumped heads in the parking lot (aight)
Was a quite brother, didn't like to bark a lot
Came direct (uh), when he came, gained respect
So I gave respect, (uh) we shared the same respect
To name regret, in our own circles
Two brothers with good hearts, but if you start
Two brothers that'll hurt you (yeah)
Know how that dirt do, Hittin four corners
(arf, arf, arf, ARF) Right back upon us
God tried to warn us, but sometimes we don't see
When I first heard I'm like "THIS CAN'T BE!
Y'all niggas is bugging
Got the wrong information or something
Please tell me these niggas is frontin'"
God no!..
Dogs that I call my friends
Praying for all my friends
Things I do for my friends
(we miss you, Kato)
We miss you! A'YO KATO!
Dogs that I call my friends
(we miss you, Kato)
Praying for all my friends
Things I do for my friends
(we miss you, Kato)
We miss you! A'YO KATO!]
[Verse Two: DMX]
A'yo K' let me kick it with you for a minute
There was things left unsaid, dog, we wasn't finished
Never got to say thank you for being a friend
DOGS FOR LIFE, and you rode to the end
Held dog down, didn't let a day go by
Everytime dog came the the chi
I was good, trips out to Phoenix, with the scrambler squad
Now I come back to Phoenix and like "damn it's hard"
To accept the fact, that you won't be coming back
But I hope you coming back, 'cosI won't accept the fact
When you came to New York, you had to come to the crib
And vice-versa, (yeah!), thats just how we did
Remote control cars, (WHAT!), we would race all day
It was adventure, we would chase our day! (yeah!)
So I'm not gonna say goodbye my nigga
Instead I would rather
Focus on the time we spent together, that's what matters
[Verse Three: DMX]
Need you to save me a spot, next to you and the lord (aight)
Don't know when I'm coming, but keep checking the door (aight)
But while I'm here, knock on wood
I'll make sure that your kids remember who their father was
And Val is good, (aight!) understood how real niggas move
We don't talk, but ya gonna always have family in New York
Believe that (yeah!), where you at, you can see that
We dogs for life and to death and I mean that!
[Hook] - 2X
Yo, 'Where The Hood At' is banging right now, man
That was your favourite joint, ya know what I mean?
[Magic & Val] We miss you, Kato
It's going just like we thought it would baby
[Magic & Val] We miss you, Kato
[DMX] Aight
[Magic & Val] We miss you, Kato!
[Val] I'll always love you K'

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