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Living proof ft Rasco - text

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Now I turn my phone off so niggas can't reach me /
They be talking bullshit nothing they can teach me/
Attitude kind of rude and ornery/
No time for you dirty laundry I got my own load/
Own code I'm a follow to a T /
I respect niggas showing respect to me/
Respect my hustle or respect my G/
Or I'm a flip, get a clip and semi auto dump 3/
Now I play the villy when the club looking silly/
Maybe ground zero the rest is not really/
Then chop it with Ras, Rytmus, Wich and Emdee/
Bar Fly, D Jeff, Brandon Indy/
Mad Skill little big, Tuco and Preston/
C.Monts, La4 but still I'm my best friend/
I'm bout paper cause my son can't eat air/
And me short changing him it just wouldn’t be fair/

Now we don't give a fuck so you better get your ass and get it on the floor
Make money money make money money


Now the coming out the wood works trying to see how the wood works/
But most are too simple to see/
But I don't need 'em they pussy or to feed 'em /
Cause it ain't doing nothing for me/
Now my time short nigga move or get move past/
I'm an asshole I don't mind to be viewed as/
I don't kick it with hoes bitch niggas or loser/
Or broke ass cock sucking mother fucking users/
Excuse I ain't stank but frankly I done did it/
These bitches ain't new I know every nigga that hit it/
I'm hood to 'em telling shorty to roll up/
And you clinging on to the broad, I'm like hold up /
I am in it but I am not of it, these other niggas love it/
What the fuck is wrong with yall/
Missing the Bronx and this shit got me feinding /
Niggas out here forgetting them self they dreaming/

You know we don't give a fuck/
So you better get you ass and get it on the floor/
Make money money make money money

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