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Rock !!!!

I can't rest till I'm, so far ahead I don't need for a coin jar/
Paid in full like I don't know what coins are/
Pray god embrace me not hastefully judge/
Had to knock down some walls that they said couldn't be budged/
I accept my hate it was birthed in my love /
Cause I been myself when one rarely does /
It was getting dark start slacking in momentum /
The name on my denim the price and how I win 'em/
My goals at home I'm in the car driving/
Life best lived if not then get dieing/
If you ain’t living think about trying /
Fuck speeding through little nigga I'm flying/
It's Occam's Razor major I'm flavor/
Ride through the city give praise I'm your savior/
I'm the one see it in my behavior/
Sit down shut the fuck up do me a favor/
Rock !!!!

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