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Stem/Long Stem" / "Transmission 2 - text


Then go back, head there, decide

Glenn Waters:
I come to play right down
I'll tell your children not to lay right down

Murray Roman:
I say parking tickets? You're crazy, I don't
He says well, they have some outstanding warrants left on you and they want to just solve them you know, whatever it'll be
So they take me in on a chain to Long Beach
And now they lock me up in the cell behind the courtroom in Long Beach while I'm awaiting to be heard on my traffic offences, parking tickets
And I panicked, I'm thinking, "Oh my God, man while I'm here, you know, holding me, actually what's to stop them?"
I mean what's really to stop them?
Oh, I assumed that maybe some day, my mother would realize that I should have gotten out
Nah, she was nice, she would have known
But still, what's to stop them?
And I'm panicking and finally they called, "Sorry"
Oh my God, I am scared

Not a dream
We are using your brain's electrical system as a receiver
We are unable to transmit to your conscious, neural interference
You are receiving this broadcast as a dream
We are transmitting from the year 1-9-9

Contains samples of:
"Love Suite" by Nirvana
"Freedom" by Murray Roman
"Tears" by Giorgio Moroder
Prince of Darkness

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