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Seein' Thangs - text


[Verse 1] I hear voices whisper tell me, "Banner kill yo'self" Man I call on the Lord, pain doesn't easy from wealth These cars, these clothes, these hoes Never meant nothin, havin nightmares screamin and busting At my enemy, I put a bullet in that nigga and I see it's me Is it my soul?, killing self hate Or does that nigga in me have to die before I reach them pearly gates Either way I got somthin to say Jam Master Jay used to yell walk this way But it's hard to walk like a man the industry's .. And these the same motherfuckers thats controlin my cash' And the same ones, the government, controllin yo ass Why George bush ain't in jail for stealin them votes? Why the CIA ain't closed man, for pushin that dope? Get it crackin America, the CIA, aka the KKK It's judgement day! [Chorus] Seein, seein thangs, I can swear that I'm seein thangs Seein, seein thangs, I can swear that I'm seein thangs Seein, seein thangs, I can swear that I'm seein thangs They comin' for ya soul, they already got the chains [2X] [Verse 2] In a Chevy, I'm wondering if the Feds broke the levy Are they in with the devil to control the weather? Hurricanes and typhoons every other week While po' folks are drowning in the middle of the street We too scared to speak, or too busy on the internet I heard they about to put lo-jacks in our kids necks Marshall law, tell Bush naw we ain't ready to flip The hood is like a modern slave ship We packed like sardines and shackled to the streets And crack is cotton that grows up from the concrete Shit, but I guess I'm seein thangs We'd rather not learn, we'd rather fuckin gang bang [Chorus]

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