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Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain - text


Jack Elam:
Ah, ah, ah-ha ha, well hello there little buddy, come on in
Whatcha got there with you? Is that your dog?
Guess there's no reason you can't have dogs up there on the moon, that's a good pretty good looking pooch
Betcha come back for more of Dr. Neptune's delicious elixir is that right?
Ha ha ha ha, I knew you would, I'll get that for ya
Oh I see, you figured out where it is, didn'tcha?
Well, alright, I'll tell you what I'll do
I'll set up the checkerboard here
We'll have us another game of checkers
One without all that cheating you done last time
We ain't gonna have no more of that I can tell ya
I seen what you done
They have any glasses like that up there on the moon?

Chester Randle's Soul Brothers:

Percy P:
When the bomb's activated and mutilated the leg and arms

Contains samples of:
"Pon a Hill" by Tyrannosaurus Rex
"Space Oddysey – 2001" by Daly-Wilson Big Band
"A Funky Kind of Thing" by Billy Cobham
The Aurora Encounter

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