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I was wondering if you got a couple
seconds to spare with me
if so accompany me like a grizzly
you know bare with me
by the grace of God I spit metaphors
and things with true power
not for the lord of the rings the 2 towers
not for the almighty dollar or rings
around my finger

not for the ring around the collar
that seems to linger on the shirt
of the average rock singer.
not for the ringling brothers or the
rings of Saturn
the only thing that could bring this
brother to bring this pattern
was a chance for me to get
down with dj maj

this new mix tape is hot just
like a space heater
so it's my pleasure to rock
upon the ringleader
i appreciate it cause you didn't
have to give me a thing
but if you like how this sounds
you can give me a ring peace

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