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I'm Looking For The One - text


chorus:i am looking for the one to be with me noware you looking for the one to be with you, now?i am looking for the one to be with me, noware you looking for you feel the same way too?come on, clap your hands, wind it up if you're feelin' alrightclap your hands, wind it up, if you're feelin' the vibenod your head from side to side, as you ride the vibe'cause it's a party all nightyou can't fight the feelin' you feelin''cause you're feelin' fine wit' nothing really on your mindit doesn't matter if you're wit' your crewbecause (they can feel the same way too)i came to get down (you came to get down?)you came to get down? (we came to get down)i like that sound'cause it's a party over here, party over thereparty right here (hey)few over there (hooo)keep it goin', keep it goin', keep it goin' nowkeep it flowin', keep it flowin', keep it flowin' nowkeep it going, 'cause this is for youso (you can feel the same way too)chorusyou know the puck don't stop herefuck, the puck started herethat's why i gotta put my heart in hereto give you that old funky-funky-funky-funky-junky funkthat i know you wantso get your boom box so we can boom blocksor shake it up somethin' pride for life'cause we rockin', right?it ain't a question 'bout bein' truebecause (you can feel the same way too)a little somethin' for the radio (hooo)a little somethin' for the video (hooo)a little somethin' for the jeeps (ride-ride)a little somethin' for the streets (hey, hey)a little somethin' for the homieso n the blocka little somethin' for the honies in the flocksa little somethin' from me to youso (you can feel the same way too)chorusnine trey, everybody wanna be a gangstabuck-buck-buck-buck, but no more, thanks to meyou got somethin' you can flip on the other tipas you get lost in the smooth rhymes i ripyears and years my peers misunderstoodthat i made cuts from my guts to make you feel goodand if you get it, this is for youso (you can feel the same way too)put your hands in the air, come on nowput your hands in the air, come on, yeahfeel the vibe, jazzy jazz in the place, rightthe upper-ground sound and pound to knock you outta your hidefeelin' a'ight? you feelin' a'ight? (yeah)you feelin' a'ight? you feelin' a'ight? (yeah)well next time bring a friend wit' youso (they can feel the same way too)chorus

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