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[Trey Songz]
Oh my oh my oh my god
my nâ€"ga you see that ass upon that ride?
down down down,
that booty so retarded
and when it come to this r'n'b shit I'm the hardest, regardless
[Trey Songz - Chorus]
You the one girl, you the one girl
Something bout them jeans that you wearing
Yeah you got that body of a Goddess
And it aint no competition you got it
I want it, I'm on it
You make me wanna say
Oh my, Oh my, Oh my
Oh my Oh my Oh my
That booty bumpin, that booty bumpin
(Light skinned, dark skinned, bottom right, top heavy
Jeans fitting right, hair did, shawty you the best
Light skinned, dark skinned, bottom right, top heavy
Jeans fitting right, hair did, shawty you the best)
[Trey Songz - Verse 1]
You know me I do my thang with the women
Make her body purr when im touching on the kitten
Booty so round, waist so skinny
Hit in on the balcony with your face to the city?
Face so pretty, heels so high that I face your titties
Mouth so dry, I could taste your titties
Girl imma hit it right, have faith, no Biggie
Oh my, im so high
Come and be one of Tremaine angels, fly
The sky is the limit, i been fly for a minute
And the girls say I'm fast so rewind it a minute
I want you on my team, we be like Charlie Sheen
Winnin this life of sinnin, where women be liking women
And men is like ripping lemons
Sour when I pass by, wait till im in them denims
Imma hit that ass like
[Tity Boi - Verse 2]
Shawty you the one, aint too many choices
Louies on my feet, cost me ten pairs of Air Forces
When you mention me, know my girls are really gorgeous
I be all up in the cut, like some nâ€"ga sparring
Tity two chains, i got my name on my upholstery
Married to the streets, aint no way you can divorce it
Got the ceiling crack, so im shining like a ?
Got them racks on top of racks, like I was hanging in a closet
Hol up Hol up, pause it
Flows that will make you nauseous
Got a girl with a back so big and an ass so big look like shes crawling
Ballin ballin spalding
Yeah we Chris Paulin'
I just .. but i met her at the mall
Me and Dj Drama, add another comma
I put it in her ribs and say im working on her stomach
This girl im wit' she mine, the girl you wit she mine!
I put her ass on top, then I press recline
[Big Sean - Verse 3]
Now im who all these bad bitches grippin,
Bitch nâ€"gas dissin, Finally Famous Over Everything is still the mission
Pussy nâ€"ga you a p-ssy, so who the hell is you kiddin'
Get it? Here you taking shots, now what the fâ€"k is you sippin?
Nâ€"ga I'm, at the tippy, I run my city, then run in the club, they bringing my liccy
I pull down her zippy, I'm all in her viccies, she calling me Biggy
I'm callin her silly
Never slip, cus im rollin' up sticky, she gave me her iccy
Girl you the baddest
I promise I'm picky and even if we f-ck I promise that you ain't fu-kin wit me
Bad bitches know what's up, she tells me that she loves
I tell her join the club
D-Town reppin till I die hoe, chillin on the top floor

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