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I'm never going back.
The footprints in the snow will start to melt away
I'm never looking back.
The visions of their faces will start to fade away
It's time to seize the day,
my design has been achieved
I wrap my life in secrecy, identity unknown
I pass my days in shadows, a veil of deceit
I live my life, the way I've wanted to
I live my life, free from you
I'll never be seen again.
Clandestine plans to escape the shackled life I lead
I'll never hurt again.
The lies that cut and scared my soul are nevermore
I'm never to be seen again,
it's a time to live my life
Have you seen me?
Have you seen me they say
Have you seen me?
I'm the one that you don't see
Have you seen me?
You won't ever see me again
My past can never change.
My thoughts drift to a parallel life
Free from this choice
I can never go back.
I want to hold on to my black and white memories
I'll never see them again,
seems I've wasted my life
I've wrapped my life in secrecy, identity unknown
I've passed my days in shadows, a veil of deceit
I regret my life, the way I left the past
I regret my life, free from you

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Ascension to Eternity


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