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Five year-old's father shot, standing by as his body fell
Killed for crimes unfulfilled, destroyed legality
Sent to live in rural hell, the brother of her father's home
Crying out from the barn, the silence of the lambs
Look inside his mind, and tell me what you see
Distorted visions, of true reality
Twisted and perverse, running evil lives
Bathing in the blood, of what he has consumed
Run - for your life, or you will die
Turn - out the lights, a stab in the dark
Lust - for your flesh, as it peels away
Trapped, inside a mind, you're ultra-sane
Volunteer academy, learn to lose your life
Masters in psychology, to analyze his strife
Orders unexplained, lead you to his lair
He can read your mind, through his icy stare
Scared of what he is, and what he may become
Running from his life, what he's told is done
Decapitated victims, hear the Monarch's call
Killing for the flesh, his work isn’t done

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