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Alias – Behind a nameless screen you hide,
Step on others so that you might get a rise
Prejudice – Against anything that lies outside the formulaic walls you rise
It’s pushed down, despise the sound, this hate your crown
With Malice – The traits you claim to hate, I think you don’t even recognize
It’s hated, so over-rated, but never contemplated
Digestion of ideas and creativity,
You rate my life’s work from behind your mask of anonymity
Chorus 1
Test drive the new conformity – It’s the latest, greatest craze
And our department of R & D is all society,
It doesn’t matter what you believe, it’s what you say
Perspective – sheltered by a self-imposed wall, segment and categorize it all
Objective – soap box, better than them all, from atop your pedestal
In your mind, they’re left behind, suffer under your sign
Directive – to stand atop the talented, deny you’re small
It’s so true, that artist’s through, till they bow and worship you
Programmed only with malicious intent
You garden seeds of shit with all the time you spent
Chorus 1
Subjective – Message you try to erase,
Belittle idols so that you can take their place
Deceptive – Venom falling from your face, so you can lead a nonexistent race
In the end, nobody wins, isn’t that what you intend?
Corrective- shatter your anonymous hate, rise above the self-made barricade
So arise, cast aside the lies, that much your actions justify
When you stand up to face repercussions like a man,
Then and only then will your words be worth a damn
Chorus 2
Deny the new conformity, (It’s everything that they want you to be)
the only way you can be free (Step into your own identity)
When the only cool is uncool, the wolves become the sheep
Short Attention Span Society

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