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Looking at the past through open eyes. And I see the world
From a different point of view
Feeling the regret of love denied. The pain of my enigma, the choice of a child
Black and white memories, of that fateful day
No tracks in the snow, to help me find my way
My soul's become a wasteland, love's become unknown
The life I left was pointless, when will this one end?
Before I end my journey, I must return home
I've lived my life in shadows, not knowing who I am
Looking at the pictures on the wall. And I see the ends to all
That I've done wrong
Regretting the promise never kept. The pain of never knowing,
The choices of my child
Black and white memories, of that fateful day
The tracks in the snow, slowly fade away
I've lived my life in anguish, not knowing what went wrong
The life I've led is pointless, soon my time will end
At the end of my journey, and he was never seen again
Who knows who erases them, and who knows why?
Looking at the ground through melancholy eyes. And I see the
Stone that tells me of his final end
Wishing for just one day in the past. The pain that I've
Accepted, will never be released
Black and white memories, of that face faded gray
A day too late, too much too say
Questions still unanswered, I will never know
This life I leave is pointless, no one will understand
Looking to the future, and leave regrets behind
I walk out that door, for the final time

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Ascension to Eternity


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