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Begging softly for my embrace
Seeking pleasure within its taste
Watching you – All alone in your blackened room
The fire burns – beading sweat as midnight turns
Bare your pale skin, seek me within
To live and breathe never again
This “gift” you seek – viewed as such is insanity
This is my curse – so close your mouth, never speak the words
Is death really all you seek in life?
Blood alone can sate your appetite
Is this really everything you want?
Spread your wings, little one, it’s time to hunt
Candles burning in your dark room
Emulating the haunted moon
Calling out – in your eyes, not a trace of doubt
Licking lips – pooling blood on your fingertips
You view me as savior, I feel my resistance waiver, (the) weight of life I carry
Alone in your sadness, you romanticize this madness, seek its sanctuary
The darkness, it shatters, (the) image that you had in tatters, splayed into many threads
The promise becomes fear as you see the razor draw near, reality torn to shreds
Empty stare, as your death echoes in the air
Now you see the heartless demon that is me
What you wanted for me to be
The last vision you’ll ever see
The fangs and cape, simple props that I throw away
To your dismay, just an actor in this fatal play

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