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Come inside the silence of my world
Solace found in the gifts of the muse
Searching for the answer. The one you've never found
Searching for my voice. The one I've never found
The fire of damnation in your eyes
Tranquillity severed from my soul
Tattered dreams he bleeding, the product of your rage
The silent voice is screaming, the product of my rage
Darkness, take me away. I can't face the pain
For all that I lived, stripped from me now
Silence my friend, show me the way
Dearly departed, I am with you
Shattered dreams and broken hopes my world
It's time to end the injustice of my life
The water rushes past. Choking out the light
The air escapes my lungs. Choking out my life
Memories of a life that used to be
Echoing in a heart that used to care
The dream is coming true. For a soul that can not care
The discourse laid to rest. For a voice that can not scream
And the poet's song remains the same
As the actors take their final bow

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Ascension to Eternity


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