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All the ghosts of yesterday stand before you now
While your mind lies wrapped in sleep
Remembrance of these shades of memories
Become the waking dream that clouds your days
Are you ready for the truth?
Can you face the answers that you seek?
When the limelight of reality falls upon you
Will you face what you see?
Tomorrow's shining bright at the bottom
Of the abyss that you must cross today
Reminders of your past await you there
Reaching out, talons shining in the dark
Are you ready for the new day?
Will it bring the promise that you think?
When the harsh light of reality falls upon you
Will you face what you see?
Question burns, driven on by what has gone before
Can you face the answer that is just beyond your reach?
You're on fire with passion now that the memories take hold
Then lost in cold repentance of your imagined sins
The answer's in her smiling eyes and the tears that stain you cheeks
The regrets that twist your waking dream, into this horror of life...

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