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The Final Victory - text


I'm waiting for the answers
I hope my prayers will be heard
When I face the madness running wild

I see my friends are searching
Searching deep within
To find the peace for their inner man

The spirit of the world will rule
Aim for the throne
Finally the world will see the truth
The King will return

He sacrified his life
He took our sins away
He rose from the dead
The final victory
He paid the price for you
Eternal love will reign
Darkness fades away
The final victory
The final victory
The final victory

The image of the beast
Will try to blind you from the truth
He's deceptive through an through
The solid rock will never fail
The guardian angels are warning me
When evil comes around

Devil in disguise
Father of lies
The game is over
Serpent's head is crushed

From the bottom of my heart
I wanna see you there
I care so much for you

Text přidal paja65

Video přidal DevilDan

Into a New Dimension

DivineFire texty

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