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Pass the Flame - text


Lead us to your holy water,
We’re thirsty and we need it now
It’s hard to reach the top of the mountains
We’re close; we won’t give up, No, No!

Beware our hearts!
Time’s getting closer
You’re the captain and we trust you
Broken souls need your salvation
Now is the time for me and you

Into the unknown
We’re not afraid, No, No!
We’re reaching higher
We follow your call

We’re calling the world now!
Together we pass the flame
United forever!
Together we pass the flame
We pass the flame
We pass the flame

Trapped in time in cold isolation
Every man needs to be seen
Christ is love in total perfection
Unlock the door, Time to be free Yeah, Yeah!

Text přidal paja65

Videa přidali paja65, Efai


DivineFire texty

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