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King of Kings - text


Day after day
I lay down my life into your hands
You live in my heart
The rock of my soul forever

I hear the bells
I hear the songs
The angels are singing
No more death
Christ has won
He's risen for mankind

I've been waiting here so long
The day is here

King of kings
Lord of lords
I hear the song
My spirit is strong
No more death and suffering
Joy to the world!
He's risen, All is done

I need more of you
Our world is a dark place to live in
I want to go home
Be safe and secure in your presence

Give your life to Him
You'll be free from sin
Yes I know it's true
Leave the past behind
The Son has paid the price
Open up your eyes for JESUS CHRIST

Text přidal paja65

Videa přidali paja65, Efai


DivineFire texty

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