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I'm lying here
In my own bed
Cold sweat dripping from my head
Is this a dream
Is this for real
Hear me God
Save me from this hell

Dark whisperings
From the spirit world
They know the hour is late

Get down on your knees
I'm prepared for the battle
I lay down my life
Into your holy hands

Into the fire
No time to run
Facing the liar
'Gotta be strong

I am awake
This is for real
I see the enemy in front of me
Lord give me strength
Help me to see
Armed & ready
For your kingdom come

Trapped in fear
Hell is near

I look to the sky
See the angels around me
They care for my life
Marked by the blood
Of the Holy lamb

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Video přidal Efai

Into a New Dimension

DivineFire texty

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