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Wars, genocide, apostasy - each have marked chaotic period through which the church has passed. The Roman Empire was conquered by barbarians and once more time the church suffered.
However difficult these time were, there wasn't a lack of Christians with convictions who offered their life in response to the necessities of the time.

Darkness (I won't fear you)
Darkness (I won't fear you)

What could be done in such a situation? The papacy was in decadence theological disputes caused division within the church.
The house was divided, who could resist?
Lives were being taken during by the horrors of war, who could defeat those who again brought the ghost of paganism?

Darkness (I won't fear you)
Darkness (I won't fear you)

Although, many didn't comprehend the true promise of God, the barbarians who succeeded in conquering the power of the empire.

The people which sat in darkness saw great light and many of the barbarians' nations were conquered to the light that it got off the sky in man's form.

From an obscure corner of the world arose an avalanche called Islam propelled and let their mark because order by the Koran, they must conquer the world in Allah's name
The Muslims invaded many countries of the Roman Empire, and the Christian churches only suffered the impact of the Muslim advance.

Darkness (I won't fear you)
Darkness (I won't fear you)

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