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East River Revolution - text

My hands are clean
of guilt
but dripping with despair
calling all my enemies
to fight another day my friend.

I turned to him and said
what exactly we won?
Sure the war is over
but the battles just begun.

Bombs drop like a gunshot in my head
never thought id say this to your face.

I never knew
how much these robots changed me.
Until i woke with a gun by my side
Save East River Park Pride

I used to follow in my fathers footsteps.
Up the hill to fight and hear the battle cry.
Last thing my family needs
is another success story.
Good job son!
Six men down
let the bullets fly!

The signals breaking up now
the end is coming soon.
As static fills the airwaves
I build my guts up for this move
not sure if I get make it
my boots are knee-deep in this shit
why am I fighting?
Why am I Fighting?

East River Revolution

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