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Why I stared fixedly in your eyes only,
Why I caressed your soft and tender palm of hand?

Mockery, this damned laughter thwarted my fate.
Ah, this damned edge spilt the passion in me,
But, but killed your love, your love!
Ah, how I regret my own deed and beg for forgiveness.


My tears flow down rough and dark bark of a tree,
Which once was beauty and soft body yours.

Among fingers the twigs I entwine and dream,
I caress their leaves and touch of you seek in them.

I fall down in depths,
In depths, from which isn't return.
In madness I seek the oblivion,
I don't want suffer anymore!

Throttled sorrow is now my gloomy friend,
Friend torturing my parchedly longing soul.
As shadow now I stray over meadow full of asfodels,
Flowers, which seal up my fatal hopeless.

Where ends the affliction,
I ask and look at heavens.
Already I recollect only
And the wreath start to wind.

Text přidala damnedSeal

Video přidal DevilDan

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