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Super Cali (BoiOB Mix) by Orlando Brown - text


I sing glory to the patient cause my lyrics like emancipation
My lyrical genius is true to the youth nation
Motivation I'm sick of waiting supercali fragilistic expialidocious
Cause I feel so amazing
Thanks to Marco G. the tracks blazing
Floating like I'm Mary Poppin's on the pavement
Cruising in my nice ride look it how the ice shins
Supercali what say it twice and you might fly
Higher than a plane and your loved ones might think your insane
But the fact still remains your in your own lane on a positive train
On your way to Disney World to ease pain
This anit no game the word super
cali gone be around for light years to reign
And don't talk back to your parents no you better not pout
Loves about feelin' good like Mickey Mouse

Superca lifragilistic
Superca lifragilistic

Fragilistic were no lip stick young girls
Follow this song and you'll end up in a new world
Expialidocious O. B. wrote this to let
ya'll know we as youth gotta grow
As one voice we gotta go where we gotta go
And learn what we need to know we gotta show respect

Superca lifragilistic
See I'm super califragilistic expialidocious
Diamonds on your boy will make you think that I'm atrocious
From under the sea to the jungle book
Say this word in your dreams and your batter than hook
Thats real

Superca lifragilistic
Superca lifragilistic
Tick toc look at the wrist watch its time to go
Like fantasia amazinly time is gold
Walt Disney gave me the okay to roll so I?
ma speak up on this word 'I can't no more
So califragili is be T-shirt wrist be face be getting busy for walt disney
Word to Mickey ya'll must of missed me I anit got time to play
You can find me on the young star spaceship
miles away negativity away from me
it sounds weird but dear mr. Walt dinsey this is a letter to let you know that because of you
A lot of things are better I went to disney world boy some imagination
You built a whole nation and its all in your name nobody can get it twisted
Disney sweet safe and magnificent
Supercali fragilistic expialidocious
Supercali fragilistic
Supercali fragilisticexpialidocious
Supercali fragilistic
Supercali fragilisticexpialidocious
Supercali fragilistic
Supercali fragilisticexpialidocious
Supercali fragilistic

O. B. 's out

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