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It walks in circles all the time
Different mind

It claws the walls with bound hands
and tries to climb this shell that grew inside

It keeps correcting all its non-existant
flaws while it pretends they're gone

It knows the mind that's keeping track
of all mistakes that ever made its life

Sometimes I can almost reach the sun
Yet, the distance
Is blinding

It walks in circles all the time
Different mind

It keeps repeating all its goals to make
the purpose seem so worthwhile

It inputs air into the lungs just so they
see that it pretends to breathe

It ran the circle one last time
One last time

Abandoned all these faces
living in the dreams
that emptied out its cries

It climbed the wall on broken hands
until the edges pulled apart
Revealing all the same divides
Mind is set on 'loop'

Text přidal KARI

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