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It breathes into the forefront
Cult of lies and deceit says
Think for your own, not on your own
We die, days and nothing are gone to the plight
There they go, cover the tracks
Or risk them to their graves
What we know instates your fair game
I won't run, and I will destroy you all
Your time is done
Burning eyes
The wrath of angst under my skin
With blood, will suffocate them all
A propaganda game bent us to the will
Be certain that the rules will change
Eye of the tide
Reaches out for you
Feed the life
The toxic dreams for which you cry
Your life
Your life is running from reality
In The End
All the change will start with your genocide
Now the time, their science fiction fantasy
They have fabricated
Overcome, after the world was bought
We'll take it back and kill off what's left
This is certain
Your ways create death in this form
Pray to your mechanical savior
It's soul is sought
Seeing the funeral arise
It is certain, you've fallen from grace
You'll try to damage us while you still can
You've nowhere to go but to die

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