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Bleed that body dry
With a mess of flames, sky high
Fear is the mind's eye
Waiting to strike when she's prime
She rots and hears the wake of corpses
Like guns firing in the distant heavens
Lights on a whisper, blackens on a scream
The dark falls on me
The serpent waits
Hollow fangs sink under the skin like lies
Traveling to your vitals you start to die
Eyes roll back in your head, blind
You will not cry, I live in this horror
You will not cry, you are my living nightmare
Life seized with her tail viced around your neck
Harder to breathe, veins burst, you choke for air
Waiting to soak up this disease
I lay paralyzed
Soaking up what is left of the skies beauty
Its fading It's coming very quickly
I cannot stop it, I cannot face the things I've done
I'll pay for what I've done, I'll pay it all off in hell

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