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Bitter song is playing, bitter song
Bitter song that sets me on
you and your bitter smile
Its just rained on my rainy mind
better not think it's right
I'll be screaming roundly into night
so i Could catch some light

If I were that brave
I'd better not think it's right
but i was so mesmerized
and drowned myself in your eyes
than I've dropped away
and figured out all that might
I won't cry for yesterday
cause feeling it's just right

I fell in love so awfully
and left my mind up there
but im driffted apart
i'd better not tink it's right
it all seems so faithfully
i'd better not think it's right
it all seems so gorgeously
i'd better not think it's right

when i see that satellite
my favourite satellite
it's not start just satellite
my dear, i was right
dark red, i let on
it's just satellite's face up there
but i'm glad, i swear
it shines only for me

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