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Temecula Sunrise - text


I live in a new construction home
I live on the strip beyond the dealership, yeah
I live in a greenhouse and I am getting baked, wasted yeah

Temperature rising
I can feel it all the way down
And what hits the spot yeah
Like Gatorade
You and me baby, hittin’ the spot whoa-all night

Up in the light of the high Temecula sunrise

Definitely you can come and live with us
I know there’s a space for you in the basement, yeah
All you gotta do is help out with the chores and dishes
And I know you will

Rest assured, comfortable
You have nothing
The face of earth will be white
And after all, yeah, on the hill
Indian paintbrush and a couple of brown finches

Right there in the light of the high Temecula sunrise

I work on the new construction roads
I see that my silhouette is golden, yeah
I know the horizon is flat and motionless
Like EKG of a dying woman

Far away from the light of the high Temecula sunrise

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