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Leaving Hollywood - text

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Emptiness dead-smooth and choking the air
I'm leaving Hollywood if you don't care
Lost in the twillight of self-consciousness
Trying to picture the smile you might wear
Where are the plastic doves ready to kill
The Inspiration I try to fulfill
Cry for my sister on Valentines's Day
You'll find me lying on Hollywood Hills
Spoke to an acolyte coming my way
The weather is fine what a wonderful day
His bloody robe suits him tolerably well
But he can never induce me to stay
You double-dealing voice hits me so low
But I'm your henchman so I have to go
Nobody sees that I'm only your frame
When I left Hollywood they all will know
Someday you're gonna crucify me in a black painted room
You're gonna call all your opponents
Who's gonna spit me in the ace
Hit me in the Face
And I will laugh about everyone
I'd cover my mug if I could

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